Michigan is unique among the 50 states in providing lifetime medical benefits for an automobile accident injury. Michigan law also provides for wage loss, attendant care, replacement services, and other benefits related to an injured person’s “care, recovery and rehabilitation.” Many of Mr. Mannausa’s clients have received
millions of dollars in No-Fault benefits.

Our Firm has successfully pursued claims against:nofaultpip

  • AAA
  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Farm Bureau
  • Farmer” s

You have one ( 1) year from the date of a motor vehicle accident in which to make a No-Fault claim. This, along with many other “strict” time limits in the No-Fault Act,  makes consulting with an attorney extremely important following a motor vehicle  accident/injury.

You can collect benefits even if the automobile is parked and even if you are at fault.